Equipment Rebuild & Reconditioning

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Should your Probat coffee roasting equipment break down or become damaged, we can assess whether rebuilding or reconditioning would restore its original functionality. All of our work is backed by a one-year standard warranty.

Get back up and running quickly

If your equipment isn’t performing properly, we’ll work with you to get it back up and operational as soon as possible. Send it in for assessment or have a Probat technician come to your facility to inspect it in person. We’ll provide an estimate for the work needed so you know what to expect. Once the estimate is approved, either send your roaster to our workshop for reconditioning, or schedule a visit to your facility from a Probat technician.

As soon as we’re finished rebuilding and testing your equipment, we ship it back (if the work was performed at our facility) so you can return it to service right away. Enjoy the added peace of mind that our work is covered by our one-year standard warranty.

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