Installation, Startup & Commissioning

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To ensure that your equipment performs at its best right from the beginning, we offer supervision for the installation of all mechanical and electrical systems. Once installation is complete, our professional startup and commissioning services get you up and operating quickly.

Hands-on installation, startup and project management

No one knows industrial coffee equipment better than Probat Burns engineers. Ensure your startup goes smoothly by bringing in a member of our hands-on team for roaster installation, startup and profile programming.

Proper installation is critical to reliable performance. We recommend that one of our engineers is on-site to supervise the mechanical installation of any roasters with a capacity of 220 lbs. or more (starting with our P25 model with automatic control panel). Once your equipment is in place, our experts can light your roaster, assist with recipe programming, conduct pre-dynamic and dynamic testing, and train your staff on how to input recipes and operate the system.

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