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Eliminating the Confusion Around Air Quality Management

Air quality management is a major concern in the coffee roasting industry, whether you’re just starting a roasting business or you’ve been running one for decades. Everyone understands the risks of incurring fines and developing a reputation as a pollution source. However, it can be difficult to understand how to mitigate the problem because we all hear so much complicated and conflicting information.

The primary cause of confusion is the fact that the rules change from location to location. It can be especially hard to keep track of local regulations if you have roasters in different areas. The EPA sets some standards at the national level, but the requirements for a specific city or state are often more stringent and detailed.

The process of calculating your air emission levels also varies by location. If you live in California, you may know that the local air quality district, BAAQMD and South Coast all use different factors to calculate emissions and specify different operating temperatures. Testing requirements vary, as well.

Add in the challenges of choosing the right environmental control technology for your facility and integrating it without completely blowing your budget. If you’re struggling with these issues and more, you’re not alone.

Karl Schmidt of PROBAT Inc. addressed these challenges and more in his Air Quality Management and Mitigation presentation. Download the presentation to learn more about:

  • New trends in NOx limitations and how they will impact coffee roasters and businesses
  • Types of afterburners and which one is best suited for your needs and applications
  • How to apply for a construction permit for a small roaster with a thermal oxidizer
  • And much more
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