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Tasting the Fruits of Their Labor

The Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé) received a new Probatino as part of the 2010 Roasters Guild Roastmaster Challenge. After the roaster was up and running, we sat down with Blanca Castro, Anacafé’s director of marketing, to talk about how the association is making a real difference in Guatemala through coffee roasting.

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Spotlight on Drum Roasting: Drumming Up Slow, Dark Roasts

Our roasting technology series kicks off with an article about the drum roaster. Find out why these machines are so prevalent and what makes them special.

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From the Hills to the Rock

Westrock Coffee, one of our customers, is doing its part to make a difference in Rwanda as well as its hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. While this for-profit company denies the label of “do-gooders,” it is doing a lot of good just by practicing free-market capitalism.

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Clear the Air!

Air quality management is a major concern in the coffee roasting industry. It can be difficult to understand how to mitigate the problem because the information received from the various agencies is often conflicting and complicated.

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