Probat Burns Opens New Training Lab

Probat Burns has officially opened our training lab at our corporate headquarters in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and will partner with Firedancer and other consultants to provide training and coffee education to industry standards.

Training will be offered for all levels of experience in roasting, profiling, green coffee analysis, blending, cupping and tasting, quality control, optimizing production, safe operating practices and environmental controls.

Click here for more information on training courses and upcoming events. Or, contact us to discuss your specific training needs and to schedule a session.

About Probat Burns: Our mission is to provide you with the equipment and knowledge you need in order to roast assured. Our skilled people, rich history and global corporate infrastructure form a strong foundation for our continued advances in the coffee industry.

About Firedancer Coffee Consultants: They are dedicated to helping clients create a personalized strategy to ensure long-term success. They work primarily with roasters, producers and retailers, drawing from their extensive experience in all facets of the specialty coffee supply chain to guide clients in reaching their potential.

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