Probat Burns to Launch Powerful New P/2 Roaster Series at the SCAA Expo 2016

The much-anticipated P/2 roaster series will be on display at the Probat Burns booth (#737) at the SCAA Expo in April.

A new design adds a number of innovative features to our classic P Series roasters, including easy-to-use control software and an ultra-low NOx burner. Setting a new standard in specialty roasting, the state-of-the-art burner technology offers a fully adjustable burner that improves combustion efficiency while reducing environmental impact. By covering a wider area of the drum, the burner also increases heat transfer to the bean to promote batch consistency and repeatability.

The shop roaster control software was developed exclusively for the P/2 Series. As you roast, it allows you to record and save that specific roasting profile so you can easily replicate, edit or analyze it later. This way, you can focus entirely on the roasting process itself. Even when the roaster is operating automatically, you’re free to jump in and adjust your existing profile to achieve an artisanal roast that’s uniquely yours.

You can also follow the roasting curve in real time, either on the roaster’s 7" color touch screen or on your personal computer or mobile device. Remote access means you can monitor the temperature, burner output or roasting profile from anywhere, at any time. Available free to Probat Burns customers, the desktop version is Windows®-compatible, and the mobile app is available on the App StoreSM or on Google PlayTM.

To learn more and see a P/2 roaster in person, stop by the Probat Burns booth (#737) at the SCAA Expo!

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