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Brewed Behavior Becomes Official U.S. Training Partner of Probat Burns

Brewed Behavior and Probat Burns have announced a new milestone in their partnership, with Brewed Behavior’s appointment as Probat’s official U.S. partner for roaster training. The companies have long collaborated to elevate roasting skills and standards for the specialty coffee industry. This new chapter marks the start of a promising future for roaster training at Brewed Behavior’s lab in Kansas City, Mo. and at Probat’s lab in Vernon Hills, IL.

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Probat 150 Years Commemoration Reception at NCA

For Probat, the NCA Annual Convention serves as an important connecting point, appropriately offering the perfect backdrop for a special event on the occasion of our 150th anniversary. Alongside our American subsidiary Probat Inc., we invited customers and partners to a reception commemorating 150 years during the NCA Annual Convention at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans.

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Probat Inc. Announces Stir Your Passion Sweepstakes Winner

Probat Inc. the leading producer of coffee roasting and grinding equipment in North America has just announced the winner of its “Stir Your Passion Sweepstakes.” The drawing was one of several highlights at the Probat booth during the SCAA Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle, Washington. Probat revealed that the sweepstakes winner was Tim Thwaites, co-owner and founder of Coda Coffee in Denver, Colorado.

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Probat Burns Invests in Innovation Where Coffee Begins

Probat Burns, the iconic maker of coffee roasting equipment, is the first roast manufacturing company to commit to a sustainable future for coffee where the beverage begins—with the seed. Probat Burns is the newest member of World Coffee Research, supporting the precompetitive, nonprofit R&D organization in their work to create the next generation of coffee varieties.

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Probat Inc. acquires ED Industrial Ltd. and ED Industrial USA Inc.

Probat Inc., a subsidiary of the Probat Group, announced that it has acquired ED Industrial Ltd. and ED Industrial USA, Inc. effective January 13, 2017. With over 150 years of experience in the art and science of roasting coffee, Probat is the most trusted name in the coffee equipment industry with innovative products renowned for their quality, longevity and return on investment.

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Probat Burns to Launch Powerful New P/2 Roaster Series at the SCAA Expo 2016

The much-anticipated P/2 roaster series will be on display at the Probat Burns booth (#737) at the SCAA Expo in April. The new design adds a number of innovative features to our classic P Series roasters, including easy-to-use control software and an ultra-low NOx burner.

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Probat Inc. Shapes Its Future with New President John L. Fortin

Probat Inc. has welcomed John L. Fortin as the company’s new president, succeeding former President Karl Schmidt. Fortin brings decades of experience and a proven history of leadership to his new role, and will be instrumental in furthering the company’s vision for the coffee industry.

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Probat Burns Opens New Training Lab

Probat Burns has officially opened their training lab at their corporate headquarters in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and will partner with Firedancer and other consultants to provide training and education on coffee processing.

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Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room Features Stunning Probat Burns Roasters

Two copper-plated Probat Burns roasters — a G120 and P25 — take center stage at Starbucks’ new Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.

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Probat Burns to Sponsor the SCAA Symposium 2015

We were proud to sponsor the SCAA’s 2015 symposium in Seattle! Coffee professionals of all kinds gathered to discuss the state of the coffee industry, as well as future trends. Session topics ranged from gender equality and coffee innovations to the water supply’s impact on the coffee market.

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Starbucks Reserve® Roastery and Tasting Room

A Probat Burns G120 and P25 take center stage at Starbucks’ new Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle.

Probat Burns to Co-sponsor First Re:co Symposium

Probat Burns and our parent company, PROBAT-Werke, were honored to co-sponsor the first Re:co (Regarding: coffee) symposium in Gothenburg, Sweden! This exciting new annual event will focus on the specialty coffee market in Europe.

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Another Great Roasters Guild Retreat!

Probat Burns was proud to sponsor the 11th annual retreat! Thanks to everyone who helped make this event so educational and inspiring.

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Probat Burns to Sponsor Intelligentsia® Coffee Event

We were excited to serve as a platinum-level sponsor of Intelligentsia Coffee’s Extraordinary Coffee Workshop (ECW) in Los Angeles, Oct. 27–30. We brought three Probatino coffee roasters to the workshop so attendees — coffee growers representing 18 countries — could learn how to roast coffee. We wholeheartedly support the ECW’s mission to unite growers committed to quality and help them share their knowledge.

Anacafés Escuela de Café Uses Their Probatino® for Good

The Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé) received a new Probatino as part of the 2010 Roasters Guild Roastmaster Challenge. Each year, Probat Burns donates a Probatino to the SCAA for their annual Roasters Guild Retreat Roastmaster Challenge. The Probatino roaster is then donated to the beneficiary designated by the challenge’s winner. Anacafé is using their Probatino to teach coffee growers to roast and cup their own coffee.

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Probat Roaster Is an Extra in Starbucks® Feature on

CNNMoney toured a Starbucks roasting facility to learn how the company transforms raw beans into Starbucks brew — on a Probat roaster!

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