Achieve consistent results by monitoring and precisely controlling the degree of roasting with the Colorette 3B color-measuring unit. Unaffected by ambient light, this portable and extremely accurate device uses infrared and red LEDs to measure the exact color of ground coffee samples. It then displays the measurement and automatically prints a complete record, including the color value, sample number, roaster number and batch date / time.

User-friendly design

Enjoy precise measurements and simple sample preparation. The measuring process is fully program-controlled, and two-point calibration can be performed with the push of a few buttons. Included LED lights last up to three years and can be easily replaced without any special tools.

Customizable controls

The Colorette 3B offers a multilingual display that supports five languages, including English and Spanish. Its integrated software allows you to adjust the date, hour, roaster and measurement units as needed.

Simple data tracking

Automatically generate sample records and send them to the built-in printer or transfer them to your Microsoft Windows® 95 / 98 / NT / XP operating system.

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