Laboratory Equipment

Small-scale testing is the secret to full-scale success

Our sample coffee roasters and analytical equipment allow you to test optimal roasting parameters on a small scale and transfer them to full-scale production. Experiment with new beans and specialized blends to determine your ideal roasting color, moisture content, flavor and more.

Sample Coffee Roasters

Experiment with one drum or as many as six for side-by-side mini batch comparisons.

Colorette 3B

Precisely measure the color of any sample and record its information for later reference.

Moisture Tester

Test the moisture content of green and roasted coffee beans to determine quality and ensure consistency.

Coffee Cupping Table

Take a traditional approach to tasting with our specially designed four- to six-person cupping table.

Degassing Unit

Preserve the freshness and quality of your carefully roasted blend with our degassing bins for commercial coffee roasting operations. Available for lease or purchase, these bins allow carbon dioxide gas from freshly roasted coffee to escape from the packaging while keeping oxygen and contaminants from getting in.

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