Environmental Control Systems

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At Probat, we are committed to developing eco-friendly technologies that reduce energy use and emissions without affecting flavor or aroma. Our equipment features thermal and catalytic exhaust air-cleaning systems and process-integrated energy recovery systems to ensure efficient, compliant operations.

The Proforte Flameless Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (FRTO)

Because it doesn’t use a burner, our FRTO system is able to clean the exhaust from coffee roasters, limiting as much as possible the generation of harmful CO2 and NOx emissions. It operates at a high degree of thermal efficiency (95–98%), allowing coffee production plants to meet current and future environmental code requirements.

MILLENNIUM® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

Designed by MEGTEC, this fully integrated RTO reduces natural gas consumption by up to 18% over conventional RTOs. It maintains destruction efficiencies up to 99% and minimizes fuel costs by achieving 95–97% thermal efficiency. In addition to these LEED-qualifying benefits, it also features forward programming that automatically adjusts for flow changes, and its heated recirculation system helps prevent condensation during the quench cycle.

Thermal Oxidizers

Our thermal exhaust air-cleaning systems are ideal for coffee roasters with a batch capacity of up to 725 lbs. per hour, particularly our P, G and R Series models. Their combustion chambers minimize emissions and promote up to 95% efficiency in destroying pollutants associated with the roasting process, such as VOCs, COs and particulate matter. The upright design features a maintenance-free outer shell and can accommodate optional stacks.

Catalytic Oxidizers

Designed for larger commercial roasters (both recirculating and non-recirculating), our catalytic oxidizers operate at low temperatures to reduce emissions and energy consumption. The low-temperature catalytic bed (metallic or ceramic) removes all coffee-specific odors and can be coated in platinum and / or palladium for optimal performance. These high-efficiency catalytic oxidizers achieve 95% destruction efficiency of VOCs and other pollutants.

Green Coffee Pre-heating

With our green coffee pre-heating process, you can decrease energy use and emissions and increase your hourly capacity by over 20% without diminishing your coffee’s flavor. This specially designed heat recovery technology uses the energy present in the exhaust from your previous roast to pre-heat your next batch, effectively shortening the drying period before the Maillard reaction begins.

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