Centrifugal Coffee Roasters


Large capacity — Up to 8,800 lbs / hr

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The world’s only manufacturer of patented centrifugal roasting technology, PROBAT created the Saturn line of commercial coffee roasters to deliver high-quality roasts in large capacities. By rotating on the vertical axis, the Saturn gently mixes your coffee to achieve rapid thermal equilibrium with minimal heat loss.

Saturn Product Tour

Saturn Centrifugal Roasters

Take a tour of the Saturn industrial coffee roasting equipment and get a closer look at how it helps improve the consistency and quality of every roast.

Custom, large-capacity roasting excellence

The Saturn’s special roaster bowl design features a toroidal pattern that promotes even bean distribution and optimal heat transfer. Make fine adjustments to the aroma, density and extraction level to enjoy a quality medium roast in just 5–10 minutes.

Designed for optimal energy efficiency

With the Saturn, you can strike a balance between performance and energy use by automatically regulating cooling times, recirculating roasting air and minimizing thermal energy loss through optimal heat transfer. Optional green coffee pre-heating saves up to 20% in energy and increases your capacity by 20%.

Straightforward, intuitive controls

It’s never been easier to achieve a wide range of distinct, reproducible roasts — even at high volumes. The Saturn’s expandable touch-screen control panel allows for effortless operation, and a “learning mode” feature makes recipe management simple right from the start.

Efficient installation and maintenance

The Saturn’s compact, modular design makes it easy to install and maintain in any facility. Control your roaster from multiple points with optional extensions that include additional operating stations.

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