Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

R Series

Large capacity — Up to 4,400 lbs / hr

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Our R Series commercial coffee roasters are designed for high-volume roasting across the entire color-development spectrum. Flexible enough to fit any profile, this type of roaster enables repeatable and consistent roasts, batch after batch. Each roaster is available in both recirculating and non-recirculating models.

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Solid construction

Cast-iron roasting drum, double-walled roasting cylinder with solid back plate and front door to retain heat. Durable construction for exceptionally long roaster life.

User-friendly control panel

Automatic and profile roasting controls designed to simplify process management.

Optional features:

  • Online moisture analysis and quench control
  • Color monitors
  • CO monitors

Environmentally friendly features

Recirculating models with automatic clean-out (ACO) for reduced energy use, emissions and roasting temperatures and improved process control.

Maximum efficiency

The recirculating versions of our R Series roasters offer greater energy efficiency, reduced emissions and lower roasting temperatures, and each includes an automatic clean-out function that minimizes maintenance as well. All R Series models feature a double-walled roasting cylinder with solid back plate and front door to help retain energy.

Exceptional flexibility

Customize your roaster with automatic and profile roasting controls, gas or propane heating, optional feed-forward controls for flexible batch sizes and optional online moisture analysis, and CO monitors. Analog dampers and burner controls allow the operator to dial in temperature and airflow rate to customize the roast as well.

Reliable, repeatable results

The R Series’ solid roasting drum and special flite mixer mechanism ensure optimal blending, consistent roasting and effortless scalability. A large cooling tray promotes rapid cooling to lock in flavor and aroma.

Safe, durable design

Constructed of only the highest-quality components, our R Series roasters are exceptionally durable and include a number of built-in health and safety features. In addition to several emissions-control options, all models come standard with an integrated fire suppression system for the roaster, cooler and hot cyclone, and the roaster controls include the latest safety chain design.

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