Solid Drum Coffee Roaster


Café capacity — Up to 8.8 lbs / hr

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Get the same control and superb blending capabilities of our specialty drum roasters, but in a space-saving, easy-to-use tabletop design. The Probatino is perfect for coffee shops that want to roast small batches for individual customers or experiment with custom profiles.

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Burner sight glass

With bean sampler for continuous monitoring.

Operator board

With flame-adjustment dial, ergonomically positioned for easy control of the roast.

Cooling tray

With magnetic system for easy tipping and bean dumping.

Separate cyclone

For effective chaff collection and exhaust venting.

Optimal roasting and blending

The Probatino’s solid roasting drum and special paddle ensure an excellent roast every time. Control the roast with the flame adjustment dial and monitor the process with an integrated burner sight glass, bean sampler and digital thermometer.

Simple, simultaneous cooling

Reduce energy costs and cycle times by roasting and cooling batches simultaneously. Rapid cooling locks in the desired aroma and flavor, and the cooling tray’s magnetic system assists with tipping and bean dumping.

Built-in convenience

The Probatino is designed for convenience: the control board’s ergonomic positioning allows for fast and easy adjustments, a rear access door simplifies maintenance, and a removable cooling sieve makes cleanup a snap.

Safe, effective chaff collection

Small enough to fit on a tabletop or in your café, the Probatino’s streamlined design includes a separate cyclone for effective chaff collection and exhaust venting.

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