Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

P/2 Series

Small capacity — Up to 440 lbs / hr

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Our compact P/2 Series solid drum roasters offer powerful profiles in a range of capacities. Tried-and-true roasting technology meets precision control to help you create specialty roasts of premium color, rich aroma and exceptional flavor. Every detail is designed to ensure gentle, uniform roasting and ultra-low NOx emissions.

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Simplified controls

Automate your roasting profile with shop roaster control software developed exclusively for the P/2 Series. As you roast, you can record and save specific roasting profiles to replicate, edit or analyze later. You can also follow the roasting curve in real time, on either the roaster’s 7" color touch screen or your mobile device.

Free mobile app available from the App StoreSM or Google PlayTM.


A fully adjustable burner with ultra-low NOx emissions improves combustion efficiency while reducing environmental impact. By covering a wider area of the drum, the burner also increases heat transfer to the bean to promote batch consistency and repeatability.

Optimized maintenance

Keeping the sieve floor clean is easier than ever with brushes mounted underneath for automatic, headache-free maintenance.

Solid drum construction

Cast-iron front wall, discharge door and double-walled roasting drum with high-grade insulation help enhance heat retention.

Dual roasting and cooling with separate roasting cyclone

Increase roasting uptime and achieve shorter cycle times. P/2 Series roasters have separate ventilation, a large cooling sieve, and a cooling tray with separate drive fan and stirring mechanism.

Separate roasting cyclone

For effective chaff separation and easy cleaning.

Available for all models.

A superior roast every time

The P/2 Series is built to deliver consistent results. The solid roasting drum is double-walled for heat retention, a special paddle mixer ensures optimal blending, and rapid cooling helps retain the desired aroma and flavor.

Fully adjustable burner

State-of-the-art burner technology improves combustion efficiency while reducing environmental impact. By covering a wider area of the drum, the burner also increases heat transfer to the bean to promote batch consistency.

Precision control

Get real-time control of your roasting curve with the P/2 Series’ exclusive shop roaster control software. A 7" touch-screen display and smartphone compatibility allow you to monitor your roasting curve in real time and save specific roasting profiles.

Flexibility to fit your needs

With the P/2 Series, you get a roaster that can grow with you. Roast half-batches as needed or simultaneously roast and cool back-to-back batches to maximize production. Adjust the gas manually to create artisanal roasts all your own.

Maintenance made simple

Cut maintenance time with the P/2 Series’ separate chaff cyclone and easy-access side panel. Brushes mounted under the cooling sieve allow for automatic, headache-free cleaning. We also stock plenty of spares, and every roaster is backed by our extensive warranty — call our U.S.-based support center at 847.415.5264 for assistance.

Additional P60 features

Want a more automated process? The P60 model includes a cooling tray with a cooling sieve that has a separate drive fan and stirring mechanism to efficiently cool and discharge the coffee. Semiautomatic operation with recipe programming comes standard, as does temperature set-point burner adjustment and automatic cooling.

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