Solid Drum Coffee Roasters


Large capacity — Up to 6,500 lbs / hr

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The evolution of the classic long roast finds its culmination in the Neptune series of industrial coffee roasting equipment. Ideal for espresso and gourmet coffees with high aroma development, as well as instant coffee production, Neptune commercial coffee roasters feature unparalleled operational efficiency and functionality.

Neptune Product Tour

Neptune Drum Roasters

Take a tour of the Neptune industrial coffee roasting equipment and get a closer look at how it helps improve the consistency and quality of every roast.

Flexible control options

Customize every aspect of your roast with manual or profile roasting controls, recipe management, batch data storage, optional feed-forward controls and optional online moisture analysis with quench control.

Simple system integration

The Neptune’s modern outer housing cladding allows for easy incorporation of field devices such as water and gas trains, and its solid construction and low maintenance requirements make it the perfect fit for any system.

Custom, consistent roasting results

Achieve optimal mixing and consistent temperature transmission, thanks to the Neptune’s variable drum rotation speed, ideal drum diameter-to-length ratio, gentle shovel mechanism and rapid cooling feature.

Exceptional energy efficiency

Reduce energy consumption and maximize thermal energy utilization with the Neptune coffee roaster’s double-walled roasting drum, special drum insulation and infinitely adjustable burner.

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