Tangential Coffee Roasters


Extra-large capacity — Up to 11,000 lbs / hr

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Regardless of the coffee variety, Jupiter coffee roasters make it simple to achieve the desired profile every time. Their recirculating design ensures ideal temperature transfer while providing maximum energy efficiency.

Jupiter Product Tour

Jupiter Tangential Roasters

Take a tour of the Jupiter industrial coffee roasting equipment and get a closer look at how it helps improve the consistency and quality of every roast.

Repeatable custom roasting results

The Jupiter series’ unique design allows for optimal roast reliability within a wide range of roasting times. In addition to roasting on the horizontal axis, its roasting chamber includes a gentle flite mechanism that maintains a consistent mix.

Flexible roasting system

For small and broken beans, the Jupiter’s enclosed roaster chamber allows for maximum flexibility, blend variety and repeatable results.

High-performance energy efficiency

In addition to high-efficiency burners, the Jupiter also features a recirculating design that allows for thermal pre-cleaning of exhaust air. Its optional green coffee pre-heating lowers energy use and increases capacity by 20%.

User-friendly controls and minimal maintenance

Specially designed controls, including a PC or local HMI and touch screen, allow profile roasting, recipe management and precision control over the airflow, energy supply and burners. An automatic clean-out (ACO) feature helps minimize downtime and maintenance costs.

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