UW Series Coffee Grinders

2-stage Standard

Large capacity — Up to 8,818 lbs / hr

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Designed for optimal flexibility and reliability, our 2-stage standard commercial coffee grinders bring unparalleled consistency to your process. Achieve precision control over your grind with uniform feeding, an integrated densifier and infinitely adjustable degrees of grinding.

UW Series Coffee Grinder Product Tour

2-stage Standard Grinders

Take a closer look at our roll grinders to see how each feature is designed to produce consistent, custom grinds while limiting maintenance and maximizing service life.

Consistent results

Variable speed control allows for constant, uniform feeding of the pre-crushing rolls, while parallel roll grinding and specially designed roll corrugation ensure consistent particle sizes. A controlled cooling system prevents heat from affecting the gap size or the coffee’s character.


With our 2-stage standard grinders, you have complete control over the degree of grinding and ground coffee densification. The integrated densifier achieves a minimum 30% densification, and an optional densifier can be added for further densification.

Sample maintenance

Enjoy a cleaner grind with integrated maintenance features such as a pneumatically actuated scraper and an automatic separator that removes magnetic foreign particles. When it’s time to replace the grinding rolls, split-bearing housings make swap-outs quick and easy.

Sophisticated design

Thanks to a modular design and dust-tight construction, our 2-stage standard grinders not only take up less space — they also release less CO2 into the atmosphere.

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