Commercial Coffee Grinders

A complete range of consistent grinds

PROBAT industrial coffee grinders preserve the delicate aromatic qualities of your beans by using a water-cooling technology that keeps operating temperatures low. Through continuous adjustment features and fluting options, you can achieve consistent grinds with any type of roasted coffee — at capacities up to 8,818 pounds per hour.

Up to 8,818 lbs/hr

UW Series Coffee Grinders

2-stage Standard

Designed to handle high capacities and a variety of coffee grades, our 2-stage standard grinders feature special roll corrugation to consistently yield a precise and uniform grind.

Up to 6,063 lbs/hr

UW Series Coffee Grinders

2- & 3-stage Special

With our 2- and 3-stage special grinders, you can independently control each roll’s rotational speed to meet the most specific requirements for ultrafine coffee grinds.

Up to 5,500 lbs/hr

Additional Coffee Grinders

MRAL Series

Create a fine and uniform granulation with the MRAL Series of industrial coffee grinders. Contact us to learn more about these grinders.

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