Probat delivers the best coffee from every bean

We design and manufacture coffee roasting equipment and plant technologies that allow you to produce the best coffee from every bean. From commercial coffee roasters and grinders to completely integrated coffee systems, our equipment enables efficiency, versatility, reproducibility and total control.

Coffee Roasters

Our reliable, versatile coffee roasters are designed to meet the needs of every roastmaster.

Coffee Grinders

PROBAT industrial coffee grinders produce a consistent and uniform grind while preserving your roast’s quality.

Control & Automation Solutions

Ranging from semi- to fully automatic, our control systems help make your coffee production process safer and more efficient.

Environmental Control Systems

Our time-tested exhaust-cleaning technologies and energy recovery systems ensure efficient, compliant operations.

Laboratory Equipment

Use sample roasters and other analytical equipment to develop your ideal roasting color, moisture content, flavor and more.

Trusted by the industry’s top roasters

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