Committed to the coffee community

Probat Burns is steeped in a rich history of coffee roasting innovation that spans more than 150 years. But we know that the coffee community is bigger than just us. We’re dedicated to giving back, fostering growth and finding solutions for environmental concerns and industry issues. At Probat Burns, we are keenly aware that when we work together as a community, incredible things are possible.

We’re committed to:

  • Encouraging continued innovation by providing coffee roasting education and thought leadership
  • Promoting awareness of industry-critical environmental issues such as air quality
  • Advocating for ethical coffee business practices, fair trade conditions and social responsibility
  • Donating equipment to growing regions in order to support improved education and coffee quality. Past beneficiaries include:
    • The Guatemalan National Coffee Association (Anacafé), through the Roasters Guild annual Roastmaster Challenge award
    • Winners of the Cup of Excellence®, an award granting prestige and recognition to exceptional coffee growers
    • The Schilling Institute in Rwanda, enabling the continued improvement of Rwandan coffee

We sponsor:

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