Quality equipment that’s built to last

Your beans are the key to your success. Product quality and consistency are what keep your customers coming back. At the heart of your operation, you need high-quality equipment that you can trust to deliver reproducible results, batch after batch, day after day, decade after decade.

At Probat Burns, we design and build our equipment to deliver exactly that — lifelong quality and consistency — so you can roast assured for years to come.

We pride ourselves on the first-class craftsmanship our skilled manufacturing team brings to every piece of equipment they build. Throughout the entire development process, absolute precision is their focus, and superior design and engineering is their goal. We believe that precision is the foundation for solid construction and optimal long-term performance.

Our master craftsmen use only the highest-quality materials to build our roasters and other equipment; this extends longevity and minimizes maintenance. Using cast parts in the construction of our equipment offers superior resistance to deformation and ensures consistent performance even when operating around the clock.

This dedication to quality and durability is one of the reasons we can proudly say that approximately seven out of 10 cups of coffee worldwide are roasted on one of our machines. When you choose Probat equipment, you know it is going to last.

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