Specialty Coffee Roasters

The quality and efficiency of your specialty coffee roasting equipment can make all the difference in your level of success. Probat Burns offers a complete line of innovative coffee roasters for every professional roastmaster — whether you are opening your first storefront or operating a long-standing chain.  Because we share your passion for coffee, we carefully engineer each piece of equipment to fully develop the flavor of your beans. For larger operations, our systems integration services ensure gentle, streamlined handling. We are dedicated to building and establishing the reputation of your company as a reliable source for exceptional coffee — so you can roast assured.

Probatone Roaster


Our specialty coffee roasters, grinders and other related components feature proven technologies that we have refined through nearly 150 years of research and development.

Probatino / Solid Drum Coffee Roaster

Up to 11 lbs per hour

This classic coffee roaster features the same controllability and optimal blending capabilities of the larger drum roasters — but in a space-saving tabletop design.
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P Series / Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

Up to 440 lbs per hour

Easy to control and maintain, the P series comprises four drum coffee roasters of varying capacity. Each environmentally friendly machine delivers uniform roasts through gentle processing and efficient mixing.
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G Series / Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

Up to 1,100 lbs per hour

The G series drum roasters enable a high level of efficiency and flexibility for the coffee roasting process. Continuous monitoring tools and user-friendly controls ensure precise, consistent results in every batch.
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Thermalo / Perforated Drum Coffee Roasters

Up to 2,000 lbs per hour

Available in two sizes, the fully programmable Thermalo coffee roasters are engineered to minimize fuel consumption. Both can be used independently or as part of an integrated coffee roasting system.
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Commercial Coffee Grinders

Available in a variety of sizes, Probat Burns coffee grinders preserve the sensitive aromatic qualities of your beans.
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Environmental Control

Our time-tested exhaust-cleaning technologies and energy recovery systems ensure efficient, compliant operations.
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Laboratory Equipment

A variety of sample roasters and other analytical equipment allow you to test every roast for specific color, moisture content, flavor and more.
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Used & Refurbished Equipment

View our current inventory of used and refurbished coffee roasters and roasting-related equipment.
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Coffee Process Integration

Our engineers and designers can construct complete turnkey plants that meet your requirements. From receiving to packaging, all components work together to enable high-quality, smooth production.
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For more information about how you can roast assured with our speciality coffee roasters, contact us.

Service & Support

Our technicians provide a complete range of installation, maintenance and repair services to ensure the optimum performance of all your Probat Burns equipment.
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