R Series

Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

The three R series commercial coffee roasters provide exceptional reliability and flexibility in roasting large batches. Each roaster is available in both recirculating and non-recirculating models. Recirculation enables energy savings, reduced emissions and lower roasting temperatures.

The R series features:

  • Solid roasting drum, special paddle mixer and ideal drum diameter-to-length ratio to ensure optimal blending, consistent roasting and scalability
  • Double-walled roasting cylinder with solid back plate and front door to retain heat
  • Manual or profile roasting controls
  • Analog dampers and burner controls to permit a wide range of temperatures and airflow rates during roasting
  • Large cooling sieve for rapid cooling
  • Gas and propane heating options available to complement existing infrastructure
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Durable construction for exceptionally long roaster life
  • Built-in fire suppression system for roaster, cooler and hot cyclone
  • Sight glass, sampler and bean thermocouple for continuous monitoring
  • Several emission control options
  • Optional feed-forward controls for batch size flexibility
  • Optional online moisture analysis and quench control to achieve desired moisture content

View R Series schematic »
R Series Roaster schematic

Product Nominal Capacity Per Batch (lbs) Nominal Capacity Per Hour (lbs)
R1000 / R1000R 400 up to 2,200
R1500 / R1500R 550 up to 3,300
R2000 / R2000R 725 up to 4,400
Capacities are estimates.

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