L Series

Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

All four L series Probat coffee roasters utilize the classic drum technology with special enhancements designed to ensure gentle, uniform roasting in a range of capacities. The result is a specialty roast of premium color, rich aroma and exceptional flavor.

The L series features:

  • Simplified controls for ease of use
  • Solid roasting drum and special paddle mixer to ensure optimal blending and an excellent roast
  • Continuous monitoring technologies to ensure roast quality
  • Rapid cooling to retain the desired aroma and flavor of the beans
  • Quiet operation for low noise pollution
  • Food-safe plastic scrapers for even distribution
  • Proven burner technology for efficient heating
  • Separate chaff cyclone for easy cleaning
  • Classic cast-iron front wall and discharge door
  • Double-wall drum for heat retention
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling

Special L5 & L12 features:

  • NEW: Separate chaff cyclone for easy cleaning
  • NEW: Beltless direct drive for reduced maintenance costs
  • NEW: Classic cast-iron front wall and discharge door
  • NEW: Double-wall drum for heat retention
  • NEW: Simultaneous roasting and cooling
  • Adjustable gas regulation for greater flexibility during roasting

Read about the L5 and L12 design updates >

Special L25 features:

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling with separate ventilation for shorter cycle times
  • Optional automatic control panel with recipe programming, water quench and automatic discharge into cooling tray

View L25 schematic »
L25 Roaster schematic

Special L50 features:

  • Cooling tray consisting of a cooling sieve with separate drive fan and stirring mechanism to efficiently cool and discharge the coffee
  • Standard semiautomatic operation with recipe programming, temperature set-point burner adjustment and automated cooling cycle

View L50 schematic »
L50 Roaster schematic

Product Capacity Per Batch (lbs) Capacity Per Hour (lbs)
L5 5 - 11 up to 44
L12 11 - 26 up to 106
L25 26 - 55 up to 220
L50 110 up to 440
Capacities are estimates.

For more information about the L series coffee roasters, contact us.

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