Specialty & Commercial Coffee Roasters

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Probat Burns coffee roasters achieve gentle, optimal product movement through precise, user-friendly controls. Our proven, configurable technologies provide the versatility and efficiency needed to meet your distinct requirements. Available in a variety of capacity options, our specialty and commercial coffee roasters can accommodate any type of bean — regardless of origin, roasting profile and desired coffee preparation method.

Solid Drum Coffee Roasters

Small Capacity Probatino Up to 8.8 lbs per hour
Probatino Roaster

This classic coffee roaster features the same controllability and optimal blending capabilities of the larger drum roasters — but in a space-saving tabletop design.
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Small Capacity P Series Up to 440 lbs per hour
P Series Roaster

Easy to use and maintain, the P series drum roasters vary in capacity and level of control. Each environmentally friendly machine delivers uniform roasts through gentle processing and efficient mixing. Select from four models, including the recently updated P5 and P12.
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Mid Capacity G Series Up to 1,100 lbs per hour
G Series Roaster

The G series drum roasters enable a high level of efficiency and flexibility for the coffee roasting process. Continuous monitoring tools and user-friendly controls ensure precise, consistent results in every batch.
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Large Capacity R Series Up to 4,400 lbs per hour
R Series Roaster

The R series commercial coffee roasters are designed for high-volume roasting across the entire color-development spectrum. Flexible and reliable, these coffee roasters allow you to use manual or profile roasting controls to achieve consistent, repeatable results. Each roaster is available in both recirculating and non-recirculating models.
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Large Capacity Neptune Up to 8,800 lbs per hour
>Neptune / Solid Drum Commercial Coffee Roasters

The extensive Neptune series of coffee roasters features extreme operational efficiency and flexibility. Roasting times range from 8 to 20 minutes and allow for high energy transfer followed by independently controlled cooling. All Neptune roasters are designed for easy maintenance and incorporate advanced safety features.
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Perforated Drum Coffee Roasters

Large Capacity Burns Thermalo Up to 2,000 lbs per hour
Burns Thermalo

Available in two capacities, the fully programmable Thermalo commercial coffee roasters are engineered to minimize fuel consumption. Both can be used independently or as part of an integrated coffee roasting system.
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Other Roasting Technologies

Large Capacity Saturn / Centrifugal Commercial Coffee Roasters Up to 8,800 lbs per hour
Tangenital Roasters

With the uniquely flexible Saturn series, you can achieve a wide range of distinct, reproducible roasts even at very high volumes. The modular, operator-friendly roaster design also uses energy economically.
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Large Capacity Jupiter / Tangential Commercial Coffee Roasters Up to 11,000 lbs per hour
Centrifugal Roasters

The Jupiter series allows coffee manufacturing facilities to respond to market trends, producing a wide range of roasts that meet precise taste and aroma requirements without compromising output volume.
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Specialty Needs

Your passion for coffee roasting is central to your business — and ours. Every Probat Burns specialty coffee roaster is designed to work the way you do, delivering your desired results in every batch.

P & G Series

Capacities from 44 to 1,056 lbs per hour
The P and G series specialty coffee roasters offer you the ultimate in flexible roasting. Fully develop your beans with our gentle, energy-saving coffee roasting technologies. Select from six models with manual, automatic and semiautomatic control options.

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Commercial Needs

Probat Burns commercial coffee roasters are engineered to impact your bottom line. Depend on our coffee roasters for efficient, consistent, repeatable results.

R Series

Capacities from 2,200 to 4,400 lbs per hour
The R series commercial coffee roasters provide the control and scalability you need to roast light, dark and everywhere in between. A range of reliable programming options are available on both recirculating and non-recirculating models.

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