Specialty & Commercial Coffee Roasters

A quality roast every time, at any scale

Probat commercial coffee roasting equipment achieves gentle, consistent roasting through precise, user-friendly controls. Available in a wide variety of capacities, our coffee roasters help coax the best flavor and aroma from every bean — regardless of origin, roasting profile or desired preparation method.

Up to 8.8 lbs / hr

Solid Drum Roaster


Perfect for coffee shops and other small-batch roasters, the Probatino offers the same control and blending capabilities of our large-batch drum roasters, but in a space-saving tabletop design.

Up to 440 lbs / hr

Solid Drum Roasters

P/2 Series

The P/2 Series delivers consistent results in a range of small-batch capacities and levels of control. Get superior performance, optimal roasting and gentle blending every time.

Up to 1,000 lbs / hr

Solid Drum Roasters

G Series

Manually adjust large roasts or automate your entire process. G Series roasters deliver optimal blending and consistent roasting, batch after batch.

Up to 2,000 lbs / hr

Perforated Drum Roasters


Available in two capacities, the fully programmable Thermalo coffee roasters are designed to minimize fuel consumption and can be used independently or as part of an integrated coffee roasting system.

Up to 4,400 lbs / hr

Solid Drum Roasters

R Series

Designed for high-volume roasting, our R Series commercial coffee roasters are flexible enough to fit any profile. The recirculating models also help minimize emissions while reducing energy use.

Up to 6,500 lbs / hr

Solid Drum Roasters


Achieve optimal long-roast results with the Neptune’s variable drum rotation speed, manual or profile roasting options, and adjustable burner. A rapid cooling feature locks in the ideal aroma and flavor.

Up to 8,800 lbs / hr

Centrifugal Roasters


Designed for optimal energy efficiency, Saturn large-capacity commercial coffee roasters allow you to fine-tune aroma, density and extraction levels to create a quality roast in just 5–10 minutes.

Up to 11,000 lbs / hr

Tangential Roasters


Flexible yet reliable, the Jupiter produces a wide range of roasts to meet precise flavor and aroma requirements, regardless of the coffee variety.

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