Cocoa Roasters

FRD roaster

Probat Burns designs both batch roasters and continuous roasting systems with outputs of up to 6 tons/hour. Each can be perfectly configured to produce your required cocoa quality. Our roasters can also be complemented with alkalization and sterilization reactors if desired. Whether you need a specialty roaster, a large-volume roaster or a completely integrated roasting plant, our roasters can satisfy your requirements and fully develop the flavor of your cocoa.

FRD/C / Automatic Batch Cocoa Roasters

For Cocoa Nibs
Up to 11,880 lbs per batch

This fully programmable roaster series simplifies cocoa processing by sterilizing the nibs in the roasting cylinder. You can also set the alkalization process to occur during roasting to fully develop the flavor and color. Continual, gentle bean movement ensures a consistent roast through conductive heat transfer. To minimize emissions and energy usage, the exhaust gases recirculate through the external burner. The machine incorporates unique features designed for reducing wear, such as a hinge-less sliding door and a special mounting system that protects the roasting cylinder.

FRC / Horizontal Continuous Cocoa Roasters

For Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Nibs
Up to 11,000 lbs per hour (Cocoa Beans)
Up to 8,800 lbs per hour (Cocoa Nibs)

Using a combination of convection and conduction, the FRC roaster series continuously channels a controlled stream of cocoa nibs or beans through the roaster. The gases from an external burner heat the air in a heat exchanger, which in turn roasts the nibs or beans via a jet plenum. Exhaust gases then recirculate back through the burner to reduce emissions and energy costs.

RDC / Vertical Continuous Cocoa Roasters

For Cocoa Beans
Up to 8,800 lbs per hour

Suitable for cocoa beans, the FRDC roaster series continuously channels a stream of raw beans through a takeaway screw conveyor that controls capacity. An external burner heats fresh air in a heat exchanger, and then the air blows through the raw cocoa beans to achieve your desired roast.

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