Dehulling / Winnowing Units

Cocoa grinder

The ability to efficiently dehull your cocoa beans has a direct influence on the economy of your production line. With dehulling/winnower equipment from Probat Burns, you can ensure efficient dehulling while preventing nib loss and maximizing yield. Our FBR Series covers a capacity range from 1000-6000 kilograms/hour, with processing temperatures up to 120°C.

Features include:

  • Minimized chance for the formation of fines and dust fractions
  • Hexagonal reflex crusher design so that beans are only coarsely crushed
  • Adjustable speed for various product flexibility
  • Compact design to enable installation in confined spaces
  • Perfectly matched screen sizes and aspiration channels to ensure perfect separation


FBR Series

Up to 13,200 lbs per hour

We recently redesigned the FBR series to incorporate new features and higher capacities. An adjustable baffle plate allows you to easily change the crushing pressure, while the twin aspiration chambers effectively separate the cocoa nib from the shell. The upper section of the machine can be pneumatically removed for faster cleaning, and the heater lower sieve decks prevent cocoa butter from clogging.

For more information on our cocoa dehulling/winnower products, contact us.

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