History of Innovation

Our deeply rooted history of technological innovation is the key to our success and ongoing development of the world’s finest roasting solutions. Because of our history and our dedication to improvement, we remain at the forefront of the industry.

The individual names “Probat” and “Burns” each signifies a long-standing dedication to perfecting the art of roasting. Founded on these combined histories, the Probat Burns company delivers the time-tested, continually refined equipment and technologies that allow roastmasters around the world to roast assured.

The History of Probat

Coffee had become quite popular in and beyond Europe by the middle of the 19th century, but the manual roasting process was an extremely tiresome and dirty job. In 1868 Alex van Gulpen, along with Johann Heinrich Lensing and Theodor von Gimborn, founded the Emmericher Maschinenfabrik & EisengieBerei company in Emmerich, Germany, with the goal of developing a more effective means of roasting and processing coffee.

There on the banks of the Rhine River, engineer Theodor von Gimborn designed and built the first “Emmericher” spherical coffee roaster, the godfather of all Probat roasters. The roaster was an immediate success, and Emmerich led the world in mass production of roasting machines.

The History of Burns

Jabez Burns was born in London in 1826 but spent most of his life in New York working for coffee and spice companies. In 1864, empowered by his vast knowledge of coffee production and trading, he designed and began producing an improved coffee roaster. Armed with this patented invention and his ongoing study of the trade, Burns became a coffee authority. He wrote articles for American Grocer and eventually launched the Spice Mill trade publication and other literary resources for the coffee industry. Burns’ influence is still evident in several of the roasters Probat Burns manufactures today.

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"You do not give to pepper or ginger or cinnamon or cloves strength or quality, pungency or aroma — but Coffee you develop and by skill and judgment change from caterpillar to butterfly. You bring out hidden treasure."
— Jabez Burns, from "The Spice Mill"

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